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Speed Ramp

rubber speed ramp
  • 100% fully serviceable
  • Carefully formulated blend of 100% recycled plastic
  • 50mm and 70m heights
  • Patterned surface for extra grip
  • Interlocking segments
  • Cats eyes as standard
  • Standard colours black and painted yellow (other colour available)
  • Prices include all segments, two end segments and all fittings
Code Width Height Price Exc. VAT
SP5/3 3m 50mm £118
SP5/4 4m 50mm £148
SP5/5 5m 50mm £178
SP5/6 6m 50mm £210
SP5/7 7m 50mm £240
SP5/8 8m 50mm £270
SP5/9 9m 50mm £300
Suitable for speeds below 10mph
Code Width Height Price Exc. VAT
SP7/3 3m 70mm £135
SP7/4 4m 70mm £170
SP7/5 5m 70mm £210
SP7/6 6m 70mm £240
SP7/7 7m 70mm £275
SP7/8 8m 70mm £310
SP7/9 9m 70mm £340
Suitable for speeds below 5mph
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